Johnson County Community Foundation

Since 2001, Johnson County Community Foundation has continued to grow and serve our community through grants, endowments and community leadership. We offer opportunities for nonprofits, corporations, families and individuals to protect and invest their charitable dollars in the people and the causes they care about in Johnson County. Our mission is to engage people, connect resources and inspire solutions that build Johnson County, so that this is the kind of place our kids will want to raise their kids.

We have awarded $887,124.01 in grants to nonprofit organizations in our communities. This includes Oark, Westside, Lamar and Clarksville schools; law enforcement agencies; local fire departments; agencies helping senior citizens; crime victims; at-risk youth; the hospital; food banks; drug abuse victims and a myriad of other services devoted to Johnson County and its people.  

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Local Giving Tree Grants Nonprofits Working in and for Johnson County

The most recent Johnson County Giving Tree grants include:

Arkansas Canine Search Specialists
Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub
Clarksvillel School District
Community Service Youth Foundation
Forrester-Davis Development Center
Johnson County Search & Rescue Dive Team
Johnson County Senior Activity Center
Junior Auxiliary of Clarksville
Ozark Rape Crisis Center
Pregnancy Help Center
Proving Grounds Family Ministry

Grant Cycles

Johnson County participates in the Giving Tree and Grade Level Reading grant cycles. 

In addition to the grant cycles, nonprofits can contact Executive Director Jackie Ott about their needs. She will review any pertinent endowments and request a grant from the donors if applicable.

Board Members

Clayton Caldwell

Development Committee Chair

Dan Chapman

Grant Review Chair

Holly Dunsworth


Jay Holland

Scholarship Committee Chair

Marina Ingram

Events Committee Chair

Rex King

John Lester

Vice President, Nominating and Governance Committee Chair

Phillip Taylor

Budget Chair

Beverly Wagner


Gina Wilkins

Past President