Smart Corporate Giving

Arkansas Community Foundation works with your company – whether you are a small business owner or a major corporation – to set up funds or endowments to improve the community you serve. 

  • Establishing a fund at the Community Foundation provides you with immediate tax benefits even if you decide to grant the funds later.  
  • Our staff can provide guidance in shaping your giving plan to align with your business/company and managing your fund.
  • You need facts to make smart giving decisions, and we can provide you with county-by-county data about charitable needs and existing programs in Arkansas.
  • Foundation staff members assist you with the many requests you receive for contributions and help your company make strategic giving decisions.
  • You receive regular reports showing the charities you support and grants that you’ve made.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

A successful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program can benefit your organization in many different ways by: 

  • Helping to improve the community in which you have business interests.
  • Engaging and exciting your employees.
  • Attracting high-quality talent to work for you.
  • Leveraging your primary abilities to create opportunities outside of the corporate structure.
  • Creating partnerships and dialogues with groups to affect positive change.
  • Bringing the company’s core values to life and highlighting the code of ethics that defines your work.

Our Corporate Giving Toolkit 

Our Corporate Giving toolkit can help you begin the development process and provide assistance as you begin to implement your program. Here’s a snapshot of what’s included:

  • Assessment: Take inventory of your current corporate giving practices.
  • Best Practices: Structure bylaws for your advisory group so they align with your company’s values and you can continuously improve.
  • Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Guidelines: Ensure appropriate policies are in place to protect your company’s program. 
  • Allocation Requirements: Discover the benefits of documenting your focus areas so you can make sure you’re being smart about your giving. 
  • How to Say No: Create guidelines for saying no to some charitable requests so you can say yes to programs that align more with your giving goals.

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